DataFlex WebApp – Anatomy of controls

The architecture for controls in DataFlex WebApp is similar to Visual DataFlex desktop applications. In Visual DataFlex a control consists of a DataFlex class and a windows class. The DataFlex class is generally a combination of DataFlex code and C/C++ runtime code...

DataFlex WebApp – Breaking out of the Box

DataFlex WebApp is a nice framework to build web applications. As with all frameworks it doesnt always do everything we want and often the standard look and feel may not be what we want for our applications Over the next weeks we will be publishing a number of posts...

Getting Started with Vue.js 2

Setting up a new project with Vue.js 2 can be done in different ways. We are going to use the Vue cli In order to use the Vue-cli we need to install NPM as the Vue-cli is available as an NPM package after installing NPM we can install the vue-cli as follows npm...

Record not found – Externally updated tables

Meant to write a quick post about this for a while and having been bitten by it again i finally remembered if you are using externally updated tables that are not system tables this is an important thing to keep in mind. Externally Updated Tables These are tables that...

DataFlex for WordPress

This plugin, available from DataAcesss allows you to embed a DataFlex WebApp into a Wordpress site. Wordpress is a free open source content management system.

Mapping in DataFlex WebApp

We have been using Maps in our desktop applications for a long time. We have used several different mapping solutions depending on the needs of the application ranging from special Law Enforcement maps to simple standard maps.

DataFlex WebApp – Mobile User Interface

After having built this application on a number of mobile platforms including iOS for the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as a Universal Windows App for the windows phone and windows tablets as well as desktops and also as a ASP.Net web application our client wanted to build the same app as a DataFlex mobile webapp.