We are all affected by COVID-19. A number of our clients are in the healthcare software sector. Because of this we have been very busy trying to support the effort to fight this disease by use of software.

Virtual Care

One of the projects that we have been working on to get out to clients is an integrated video conferencing solution to be used by caregivers to give virtual care to clients lowering risk of infections and also allowing them to give care to more people in shorter time.

To get this project off the ground we built a standalone web application that allows agencies to connect and create virtual care sessions. The sessions will be relayed to clients so they can connect to the session once they are active. 

In addition to this stand alone system we built reusable components for DataFlex Desktop as well as DataFlex WebApp applications to integrate the maintenance of these virtual care sessions as well as components to host the actual video conferencing sessions.

Also a component was created to host the video conferencing session in a web page that is accessible to the clients

Another project is a project involving computer telephony that can be used as a pre screening system for clients. This system allows us to build automated outbound calling applications with screening questions that can be made prior to rendering service to ensure workers are protected and clients can be given the care they need. 

This system was also built as a stand alone web application that can easily be integrated into any system . At this time we have the integration in DataFlex Desktop and WebApp applications. The applications can upload call definitions with messages and questions and then also upload the call distribution. The stand alone system will then process the calls and record any responses. the responses can then be downloaded by the application and used to screen clients.