Even though there is no designer for VPE reports especially column based reports can be created very quickly and can also be maintained rather easily

as an example lets walk through creating a simple customer report

the skeleton for a report object looks as follows

We create a simple object based on the cszVpeColumnReport class

We can set the main file and the ordering. The report class can either support database finds and constraints directly or via an attached DataDictionary object

In our example we will add constraints directly to the report object as well as a manual selection function

the report class also has a built in status panel feature and we are updating the status panel from the selection function

Now on to define the columns. this works very similar to the way you define columns in dbgrids and dblists

you simply define all the column objects setting properties. The report class supports hiding as well as reording columns at runtime and will adjust the report output automatically based on these changes

we can also define other sections for example a page header section

this is pretty much all there is to creating a simple column report

These VPE reports can be used in both DataFlex Desktop as well as WebApp applications