The template list class is also a class we created for Visual DataFlex a long time ago. Essentially it is a list class that allows us to define templates for the rows that can be changed dynamically without the need to recompile.

Also the class supports multiple different templates at the same time allowing the list to show different type of rows

We wanted the same control in our WebApp development so we decided to create a custom control with the same features as our Desktop control

here is a screenshot of the control in use


the templates are defined as HTML templates and can be modified without the need to recompile.

The list supports multiple different templates at the same time so different rows can show different type of content

The templates as well as the list are also responsive. Here you can see the layout changing and the list adapting to the new layout size as the screen size changes.


the list class has support for headers, horizontal scrolling, pinned total areas and a lot more

This control is one of the many WebApp controls available from StarZen Technologies, Inc.

Michael Salzlechner is the CEO of StarZen Technologies, Inc.

He was part of the Windows Team at Data Access Worldwide that created the DataFlex for Windows Product before joining StarZen Technologies. StarZen Technologies provides consulting services as well as custom Application development and third party products specifically for DataFlex developers