If you need candles for decorations this simple project  allows you to build candles in any size that look very real

for the candle itself you can use PVC pipe. Simply cut a length of PVC pipe. I generally cut one side nice and straight (the bottom of the candle) and one side at an angle and possibly a bit ragged. This will be the top of the candle.

Next step is to use expanding foam to fill the top of the candle. After the foam has dried I remove some of the foam so it is recessed and kind of flat inside the top of the candle

In order to make the candle look real we need wax running down the candle. To add wax we use a hot glue gun and lots of hot glue.

After applying the hot glue wax drippings you can paint the candle.

To light up the candles there are lots of options

you can buy the small battery powered mini candle tea lights and simply put one inside the candle. Or you can buy blinking LEDs and mount one inside the candle (detail on that coming soon). If you use the LEDs you can also use hot glue to make them look more like flames