Potable Water Hose

You will need a water hose. Make sure this is a potable water hose. They are generally either blue or white and are marked as potable or drinking water hose

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Y Valve

A y valve for your water hose can be very important. That way you can connect the RV as well as a water hose

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Pressure Regulator

Another important item is the water pressure regulator. RV water lines and connections are not the strongest and sometimes campgrounds may have very high water pressure.

This can lead to burst pipes in the RV which can be a nightmare.

Camco Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge

90 degree elbow

The 90 degree elbow keeps stress from your RVs water connection

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Standard Water Hose

Just a normal water hose used for other things we need water for

Water Pump

if you have to fill your RV water tank from other tanks you may need a pump to transfer the water. For these situations we carry a simple water pump (potable)

Lippert Flow-Max 3.3 GPM 12-Volt 45 PSI 8 Amp Max RV Fresh Water Pump

Water Bandit

rare but it can happen that you are faced with a water faucet without threads or the threads are bad.

The water bandit will allow you to connect to these faucets

Camco Water Bandit