Here are some of the items commonly needed for the sewer system in your RV. Obviously details depend somewhat on your RV

Sewer Hose

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A sewer hose is needed to connect your RVs sewer line to the campgrounds sewer connection. You want a quality sewer hose. The ones that often come with the RV are junk and i would not even start using it. You can feel the difference in quality and it would not be fun if a sewer hose comes apart while in use. Sewer hoses come in different lengths for example, 5, 10 or 15 feet. You can connect multiple sewer hoses together to extend them.

Keep in mind that some RVs have multiple connection. Ours for example has one for the black and the shower gray tank and a second connection for the gray tank from the kitchen. We carry 3 sewer hoses and a y connection to connect them together.

Y Connection

We use the Y connection to connect two sewer lines together

Camco RhinoFLEX Wye

Clear Elbow

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While not very inviting it is essential to know when your tank is clean. We connect the clear elbow at the end of the sewer line so that when flushing the black tank we know when the tank is completely clean

Sewer Hose Support

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to support the sewer line


lots of different chemicals and treatments available.
Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer & Digestant - LOW PRICE GUARANTEE

Black Tank Rinse Hose

Just a regular water hose that we dedicate to cleaning the sewer lines. We also use it to feed our black tank flush system when flushing the black tank

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stay away from blue hoses as blue is used for potable water hoses

Disposable Gloves

always carry a box of disposable gloves
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Spare End Caps

a set of spare sewer hose end caps is a good idea. One time our end cap broke and even though we try to keep all these items clean I was not happy about having the sewer hose uncapped until we could buy a new end cap

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Portable Waste Tank

If you often camp at places without sewer hookup that have dump stations it may be worth getting a portable waste tank

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This will allow you to dump your tank into the portable and then go to the dump station with the portable tank without having to move your RV

No Black Tank Flush

if your RV does not have a black tank flush system you can use a black tank wand to clean your black tank

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Carrying Your Sewer Accessories

Most RVs have a bumper that is made to store the sewer hose. Ours can store two sections of sewer hose, one on each side of the bumper

The bumper generally is not big enough to hold elbows and such or as in our case a third sewer hose or the water hose to flush our black tank

You can buy additional sewer hose carriers like the following

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you can also use fence posts such as this

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To carry additional items we use a plastic bin to keep the sewer accessories separate from all other items