After some research I decided to order a Laser cutter from Full Spectrum Laser. This unit comes with an upgraded 45W CO2 Laser and can cut up to 1/4 inch wood or other materials.

It comes with a simple water cooling system (read aquarium water pump) that uses distilled water to keep the CO2 laser tube cool.

After some initial alignment of both the CO2 laser as well as the red laser i was ready to test the machine. The red laser is a simple laser pointer type laser that can be used for aiming as the CO2 laser is invisible

First tests look good I was able to easily cut 1/8 inch plywood. Now I need to move this thing into the garage. The smell and smoke is not something I want to keep in the house


  • True 20×12 Cutting Area
  • removable Z Floor allows working on materials larger than the cutting area
  • beam combiner and red laser pointer
  • air assist
  • Retina Engrave
  • Direct Print Driver
  • optional rotary attachment